There are five ways to score points in the “buck cup” scoring system, they are as follows:

1.  Card Submission:  Every member that submits a complete and accurate score card will receive 1 point

2.  Round performance:  Every member that scores a net eagle will receive 1 point, net double eagle will receive 2 points, net ace (or better) will receive 3 points.  Every member that scores a gross hole in one will receive 25 points.

3.  Non-major Tournaments:

1st place- 50 points

2nd place- 35 points

3rd place- 30 points

4th place- 25 points

5th place- 20 points

6th – 15th place- 10 points

16th – 30th place- 5 points

4.  Major tournament finishes:

(President’s Cup, Senior Club Championship, Club Championship, Match Play Championship)

1st place- 100 points

2nd place- 70 points

3rd place- 60 points

4th place- 50 points

5th place-40 points

6th – 15th place- 20 points

16th – 30th place- 10 points

5.  Skills challenges:  There will be several individual skills challenges throughout the 2015 season; every member that successfully completes a skills challenge will receive additional Buck Cup Points.